Experiencing Sex in Different Ways

Sex is supposed to be mutual between partners and most importantly spicy. However, many people have the notion that sex is all about penetration and when they get to bed, they go straight to it. One thing for sure is that your partner can never tell you they aren’t enjoying but will seek better services somewhere else. If you’ve been having the same sex experience over and over again, this article is for you as we tell you how you can experience sex in different ways.

Make small changes

It goes without saying that doing the same thing over and over again leads to boredom. Sex is as important and you want to experience a new adventure, so make small changes that will spice your sex life. For instance, have sex at a different time than you normally do, doing it in different places such as bathroom or kitchen, doing it for different lengths of time, and using a pillow underneath her butt to enhance penetration are great changes to make. Also, you can try having sex with professional charlotte escorts and see what they offer and apply in your partner.

Turn it into a game

One sure way of experiencing sex in a different way is by turning it into a game. There are loads of ways you can play with your partner depending on what she or he likes. For instance, you can wrestle with each other when naked, bet on board games with sensual massage as the prize, keep your clothes on and find ways to work around them creatively, tease each other and so much more. That way, both of you will relax and have a wonderful time when making out.

Talk to each other during sex

When having sex, there’s a lot going in your mind starting from how you feel, how the breathing patterns are, how the penetration is and the best sex position. Instead of just thinking, talk about them. Tease your partner and tell them how great you’re feeling, describe how their touches and kisses make you feel, how good the penetration is and the position you like. That way, the sex will be livelier and spicier.

Focus on foreplay

Sex is not always about penetration. In fact, oral sex plays a huge part in any relationship and ensures that you experience sex in a different way. Focus on foreplay and take as much time as you can. Kiss her passionately, and then lick her ears, neck, nipples and the belly. Move your fingers all over her naked body and use your tongue efficiently on her vagina as you lick her clit. As a woman, you must also understand that men need foreplay as much as you do and you should touch all his sensitive parts such as neck, nipples and give him a good blowjob as you massage his balls gently. That way, both of you will be yearning for sex and you’ll be physically and psychologically prepared for a good time.


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